Tile based games using the Starling framework

In my quest for making my sons game, I managed to get Starling up and running, and create a performance test, that showed me some pretty intense performance – that bode well for my continuous success in the making of a game.

I have started to dive into tiles, and how to make tile based games. Some of the most relevant info on that topic was found in an old book called “Flash MX 2004 game design demystified”. As the title implies, it is not quite current, but the theories behind tiles still works a long way.

Continuing on the seas of The Web, I stumbled onto Tonypa and his section about Tile Based Games (via Terry Paton - thanks). The problem with that info was, that it was just as old as my book reference. Therefor I decided to send him a mail, and ask for permission to update his tutorials to a more current ActionScript 3.0/Flash Builder/Starling version.

I will have to do a lot of learning, while porting this to AS3, and there may be introduced several errors and rewrites along the way, but I take that as a part of the proces. I will hopefully end up with a solid foundation of tutorial to use in my own game, and the continuing work on that project.

Feel free to comment, ask questions about unclear parts, and come with suggestions to improvements – I’m almost guaranteed not to get this right at the first shot :-)

Take a look at Tile Based Games in the top menu.

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