This series of tutorials is meant to give inspiration to designers and developers on how to make tile based games. In my search for good material on the topic i stumbled upon a section called tile based games by tonypa ( I found the content very interesting, but it was from around 2004 and in ActionSript 1 and therefore not relevant in a more modern context.

When that is said, I think it is sad, that these great ressources vanish because of evolution in technology and trends. Therefore I contacted Tony, and asked for permission to revitalize the content and update it to ActionScript 3.0 and Stage3D. Luckily he agreed on it, and it is now a work in progress on this site, in my quest for making the game to my son :-)

Every material here is published under Creative Common, and while I may rework the flow of the tutorial and add new content along the way, credit goes to Tony and his work at

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